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    Intro call

    You will be matched with one of our strategy consultants who will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics to help you get the best accounting talent for your firm

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    Perfect match

    We analyze all candidate profiles to find the best fit for your company. Our goal is to identify top-performing candidates with the necessary skills and experience to meet your needs. 

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    After the fastest-ever recruiting process, start working with top notch accounting remote talent for 40% less cost. 

Staffing with Vintti Staffing with Vintti

See how Onlinetaxman dramatically cut recruitment costs by 40% with Vintti

“OnlineTaxman has been hiring professional from around the world since we started but as the company starts to expand and recruitments need become more specific, the added costs of finding the right candidate are becoming unmanageable for our operation”
Vincenzo Villamena, CEO

Explore the Diversity of Expertise Available to You

Discover the diversity of roles we offer and meet some of our skilled team members.

  • Lucas moretti auditor
    Lucas Moretti

    "Utilizing my extensive expertise in auditing, I ensure the accuracy of your company's financial records and compliance with regulations, providing you with confidence and peace of mind." 

  • Sofia huber
    Sofía Huber
    payables specialist

    "Managing your company's payables with precision and efficiency, I maintain strong vendor relationships and ensure timely, accurate payment of all bills."

  • Julian Torres tax specialist
    Julian Torres
    Tax Specialist

     "With deep knowledge of US tax regulations, I ensure your firm's compliance while maximizing financial performance through strategic tax planning and savings."

  • Franco bauer
    Franco Bauer

     "Guiding your company's financial strategy, I oversee financial reporting and provide actionable insights to support your firm's financial goals and long-term growth."

  • Ana fernandez budget analyst
    Ana Fernández
    Budget analyst

    "Leveraging my analytical skills and financial acumen, I optimize your company's spending to support sustainable growth and long-term success."

  • Carolina Smith Bookkeeper
    Carolina Smith

     "Keeping your financial records accurate and up-to-date, I enable your company to make informed financial decisions, supporting a solid foundation for success."

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