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Uncover top-tier accounting and finance talent from South America for your business.

Risk-Free Hiring

At Vintti, 'Risk-Free' means you can interview candidates for free, and if you don't hire, you don't pay. You maintain full control over your hiring process, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

Our Staffing Model

Covering Payroll, Taxes, Compliance, Employee Benefits, Equipment, Replacement Guarantee, and HR Support


    Payroll Management

    We handle the payroll management, ensuring your staff is paid on time, every time.
  • Taxes and Compliance

    We ensure all tax and compliance matters are handled, keeping your operations legal and hassle-free.

    Employee Benefits

    We can manage optional employee benefits, enhancing your staff's job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Equipment

    We ensure your remote staff has the necessary equipment to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Free Replacement Guarantee

    We offer a free replacement guarantee, providing peace of mind in your staffing decisions.

    HR Support

    We provide HR support, managing benefits, gifts, bonuses, and more to keep your staff happy and motivated.

Our Recruiting Model

Covering Payroll, Taxes, Compliance, Employee Benefits, Equipment, Replacement Guarantee, and HR Support

  • Vetting Process

    We ensure that all candidates are thoroughly vetted before they are presented to you.
  • Pre-filtering

    Our team pre-filters candidates to match your specific needs and requirements.

    Equipment Setup

    We offer optional equipment setup for the candidates to ensure they have everything they need to get started.
  • 3 Month Replacement Guarantee

    We provide a 3-month replacement guarantee for all our candidates. If you're not satisfied, we'll find a new candidate for you.

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Struggling to find the right accounting candidate? You may be looking in the wrong place. Almost every accounting firm is starting to go remote, but some of them are going even further and levering talent from different countries. So, what drives offshore hiring today?

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How much should you pay for your next accounting talent? If you are leading an accounting firm you have probably encountered some problems finding skilled candidates and are now wondering how much should you raise your offer. We're taking a closer look at the accounting salaries offered by the Big 4 firms, the standard benchmark for accounting positions.

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Only 1% Of Firms Can Find Enough Staff9 min read

If you are an accounting or finance firm, you may be facing a serious problem: finding enough qualified staff to meet your needs. According to a recent survey by the AICPA, less than 1% of accounting and finance firms can find enough staff, and 90% of them report difficulties in hiring talent. This is a worrying situation that can affect your performance, growth, and competitiveness in the industry.