Remote Hiring Solutions for Accounting Firms

published on 27 February 2024

In today's fast-paced world, accounting firms face the challenge of finding the right talent to stay ahead. With a growing preference for remote work, firms are turning to remote hiring solutions to tap into a global pool of skilled professionals. This article explores how remote hiring can solve staffing issues, enhance productivity, and ensure a firm's resilience against unforeseen events. Here's what you need to know:

  • Remote Work Trends: The shift towards hybrid and fully remote models is reshaping the accounting industry, with a focus on data security and cloud-based collaboration.
  • Benefits of Remote Hiring: Cost savings, improved worker productivity, access to a wider talent pool, and operational flexibility are among the top advantages.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming communication hurdles, ensuring productivity, and maintaining cybersecurity are critical for success.
  • Hiring Strategies: Utilizing technology for collaboration, leveraging global job platforms, and working with staffing agencies can streamline the remote hiring process.
  • Success Stories: Real-world examples highlight how firms have expanded services and boosted efficiency through remote hiring.

Remote hiring not only opens up new opportunities for accounting firms but also positions them to thrive in a rapidly evolving work environment.

Understanding the Remote Hiring Landscape

The accounting industry is moving towards letting people work from home or in a mix of home and office settings. Firms are doing this to reach skilled people easily, cut down on office costs, and help employees balance work and personal life better.

Here's what's happening:

  • More hybrid work: Firms are letting employees split their time between home and office. This saves money on office space but keeps some in-person teamwork.
  • Keeping data safe: With more work done online, keeping financial information secure is a big focus. Firms are working hard to protect their data.
  • Using cloud software: Tools like QuickBooks Online and Xero let teams work together easily from anywhere. They're getting more popular.
  • Making work easier: By using technology to do routine tasks, employees can focus on more important work, no matter where they are.
  • Hiring experts and training staff: Remote work means firms can hire experts from anywhere and also train their current team to do more high-value work.

Benefits of Remote Hiring

Hiring people to work remotely has many perks for accounting firms.

  • Saves money - Hiring remotely cuts down on costs like office space and commuting support.
  • People work better – Many find they get more done from home without the usual office distractions.
  • Find the right skills – It's easier to find people with the exact skills you need when you can hire from anywhere in the world.
  • Grow or shrink easily – Firms can quickly adjust their team size as workloads change, thanks to the flexibility of remote work.
  • Keep business running smoothly – A team spread out in different locations can help the firm keep going, even if there's a local problem.

For accounting firms that can't find the right local talent, looking into remote work can make a big difference. The right people are out there; it's just about being open to new ways of hiring.

Challenges of Remote Hiring

Hiring people to work from different places is great for accounting firms, but it's not always easy. Here are some of the main problems firms might run into:

Communication Barriers

When everyone is working from different spots, talking to each other clearly and often is harder but super important. Firms should:

  • Have regular video chats for the whole team or specific projects
  • Write down what's discussed and decided in meetings
  • Use chat apps for casual conversations to help the team bond
  • Plan meetings so they work for everyone, no matter their time zone
  • Make sure everyone knows the best way to get in touch (chat, email, phone)

Ensuring Productivity

It's tougher to see how remote workers are doing without being in the same office. To keep everyone on track, firms can:

  • Set clear goals and ways to measure success
  • Use online tools to keep track of tasks
  • Check in regularly with each team member
  • Let people have flexible hours but make sure they're responsible

Cybersecurity Measures

Working online more means a higher risk of cyber attacks. Firms need to protect their data by:

  • Making data secure and keeping login info safe
  • Using VPNs and firewalls to manage who can access the network
  • Making sure only the right people can see sensitive information
  • Teaching the team how to stay safe online
  • Watching for any suspicious online activity
  • Following rules like HIPAA to keep information private

Moving to hiring and working remotely has its challenges, but the benefits like finding skilled talent and embracing work flexibility make it worth it. With careful planning and changes, accounting firms can do well with teams spread out in different places.

Simple Ways to Hire Remotely

Use Tech and Make Things Automatic

Tools like QuickBooks Online and Xero help teams work together online. They let you share files, talk, and keep track of what everyone's doing, no matter where they are.

Using data dashboards can show how well the team is doing by looking at things like how much work they're doing for clients. This helps managers know what's going on with their remote workers.

Chatbots can answer common questions from customers, letting the remote team focus on more important stuff. Using bots to do boring, repetitive tasks can also make the team more efficient.

Hiring from Afar Made Easy

Writing clear job posts that mention you can work from anywhere can attract the best people. Make sure to tell them what skills you need, what tools they'll use, what they'll be doing, and when they need to work.

Do interviews over video to see if they're good at what they do and if they'll fit in with the team. Give them a small task that's like the work they'd do to see how well they do it.

Help new people get used to working remotely by giving them the tools and information they need right away. Pair them with someone who can help answer their questions at the start.

Finding People All Over the World

Websites like Toptal and Andela can help you find really skilled people in finance and accounting from many places. This can help your firm grow.

Using websites like and FlexJobs can help you find talented people from other countries who want remote jobs. This makes it easier to hire people from different places.

Working with staffing firms in the countries where you want to hire can make things like following local laws, paying people, and understanding the culture easier. Their local knowledge is really helpful.

Flexible Ways of Working

Letting people work partly from home and partly from the office can be a good mix. Having set times for meetings and team stuff helps keep things organized.

Going fully remote means people can work from anywhere. Making sure there's a way for everyone to feel connected can help keep people happy and productive.

Focus on what needs to be done rather than when or where it's done. Let people figure out the best way to work that suits them and the firm.

Working with Staffing Agencies

Agencies like Vintti can make hiring easier by giving you access to people who are ready to work remotely and have the skills you need. This makes finding the right people faster.

They can also take care of checking if people are good for the job, dealing with payments, and making sure everything's done right according to the law. This means less work for the firm.

These agencies can help you quickly find people with special skills when you need them, making it easier to handle more work or new types of jobs. This gives your firm more room to grow and change.


Case Studies and Success Stories

Here are some real-life stories of accounting firms that found great success by hiring people from all over the world:

Regional Firm Expands Offerings with Global Talent

A mid-sized firm in Ohio had a tough time finding local people who knew about new stuff like cryptocurrency accounting and R&D tax credits. They worked with a remote staffing agency and quickly hired 5 specialized accountants from Latin America. This move let them offer new services and their revenue went up by 32% in a year.

"Finding local talent with the specific skills we needed was tough. Being able to hire from a global pool of talent made a big difference right away."

Top 100 Firm Boosts Productivity with Flexible Staffing

A growing firm was running into problems during their busy season, causing a lot of stress and extra costs from overtime. They used remote hiring to quickly get extra help for 3 months each year. This helped them handle more work without overloading their team and made things less stressful.

"Being able to quickly get more people when we need them helps us keep our clients happy without burning out our team during the busy season."

Boutique Firm Competes with Big Names via Specialization

A smaller firm was losing clients to bigger firms with more diverse teams. By hiring remote workers, they were able to put together a team of experts in areas like forensic accounting and blockchain auditing. This helped them offer unique services and attract more clients.

"Now, we can compete with the big firms. Our clients get special services that are hard to find locally."

Hiring people from different places lets firms big and small find the exact talent they need. This helps them serve their clients better, grow their services, work more efficiently, and make more money. The stories above show just a few ways accounting firms are using remote teams to their advantage.


Hiring people from all over the world can really change the game for accounting firms. By being open to different ways of working and using the internet to help, firms can put together teams from different places that have special skills hard to find close by.

Here's what we learned:

  • Finding the right people: With remote hiring, firms can look worldwide to find accountants who know very specific things - like how to handle new types of money or tax breaks. This means they can do a better job for their clients.
  • Getting more done: Using apps to talk, tools to keep track of projects, and making some jobs automatic means remote teams can do their work better and faster. This lets employees focus on the big stuff.
  • Staying strong no matter what: Having team members in different places means a firm can keep going even if something bad happens in one location. This way, work doesn't have to stop.
  • Changing size easily: Using the cloud and having a team ready to go online makes it simple to handle more or less work as needed. This flexibility is a big plus.
  • Saving money: Saving on office costs and being able to hire people from places where it might be cheaper means firms can spend less. This saved money can help the firm grow.

While moving to a team that works from different places can be tricky at first, the benefits are worth it for many accounting firms. Jumping into hiring from anywhere means you can find the best people from all over the world - people who can help your firm stand out.

How can an accountant work remotely?

Accountants can work from anywhere using online tools that let them handle money matters, like keeping track of spending and earnings, and helping people with tax advice. They need a good internet connection and the right software to securely access and manage financial information.

Can CPAs work fully remote?

Yes, CPAs can do their job from anywhere. They need to be able to get online, use secure programs to protect their clients' information, and talk to clients and coworkers clearly, but they can do things like check financial statements, help with budgets, and give tax advice from home.

Can accountants make 6 figures?

While new accountants usually make less than $100k, getting more experience or extra certifications can lead to higher pay. Accountants with lots of experience or special skills in areas like fraud or business can earn over $100k.

Can accounting firms be online?

Yes, accounting firms can work completely online. They use the internet to store files, meet with clients through video calls, share important financial information safely, and work together on projects. This lets them help their clients without needing to be in the same place.

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