ELPC Tax: A Thorough Search for Passive Investment Expertise

Emanuele Lovoi came to Vintti with a tough request: he wanted someone with experience with companies whose main activity was holding passive investments.

The Challenge

When ELPC sought a proficient accountant with experience in passive investment companies, the challenge lay in finding a candidate with a niche skill set. 

The role demanded not only seasoned experience in accounting and tax preparation but also a specialized understanding of Canadian corporate taxes and the financial intricacies of investment holdings. 

Vintti, tasked with this targeted recruitment, had to navigate the complexities of sourcing an individual who not only met the technical requirements but was also prepared to grow with ELPC and uphold its commitment to tax planning and client communication.

About Emanuele Lovoi and ELPC Tax

ELPC Tax, established in 2022 by Emanuele (Manny) LoVoi, embodies a deep-rooted commitment to aiding entrepreneurs in preserving their wealth through strategic tax planning. 

With over 11 years of expertise advising both owner/manager and large private clients across diverse industries, Manny's journey began at Ernst & Young after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from McMaster University. Subsequently, he honed his skills at RSM Canada, culminating in the founding of ELPC Tax. Manny's proficiency spans corporate reorganizations, tax-optimization strategies, buy/sell transactions, and more. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Manny cherishes moments with his wife and two children.

Emmanuele Lovoi

Strategic Recruitment for Specialized Accounting: ELPC's Success with Vintti

ELPC, a firm deeply rooted in the financial management of companies with passive investment portfolios, faced a significant hurdle: locating an accountant with a rare combination of experience and specific industry knowledge. The ideal candidate would need to effortlessly navigate the complexities of accounting for purchases, disposals, gains, dividends, and interest, with the ultimate goal of accurately preparing financial statements and T2 corporate tax returns.

The primary challenge was the scarcity of accountants who possessed the requisite experience with Canadian private corporations and a solid track record in managing the accounting of passive investment activities. Additionally, ELPC required a professional who was not only versed in the intricacies of Canadian corporate taxes but also exhibited a fervent desire to expand their expertise in tax planning. Moreover, the individual would need to be highly autonomous, with an intrinsic drive for professional growth, and the ability to spearhead client communications.

Vintti's approach was twofold: a meticulous search for candidates within their extensive network and a targeted headhunting strategy to identify professionals who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but met the stringent criteria. Recognizing the challenge, Vintti leveraged their deep understanding of the accounting sector to engage with potential candidates who not only fit the technical requirements but also shared ELPC's ethos and vision for professional development.

The Outcome: Cost-Effective Expertise

Vintti's focused recruitment strategy resulted not only in the seamless onboarding of a highly adept accountant, Victoria, but also in substantial cost savings for the firm. The hiring process, tailored to ELPC's specific needs, brought forth a calibre of talent that was poised to elevate their financial management operations.

This outcome not only filled the gap in ELPC's staffing requirements but also introduced new strengths to their accounting operations.

Manny, ELPC's founder, celebrated Vintti’s role, stating:

“The dedication and expertise Vintti displayed in our search were unparalleled. They provided us with top-tier candidates, delivering a level of quality that you would expect from local hires, but at half the cost. Their approach has significantly benefited our bottom line.”

He continued with high praise for Victoria, saying:

“Victoria is a testament to the quality Vintti stands for. Her proficiency in managing our accounts and her innovative tax strategies have been instrumental. She has adapted to our systems with ease and her work has already saved us considerable resources. It’s a win-win, with her on board, we’ve reduced our expenses by 50% compared to hiring locally, without compromising on expertise or work ethic.

Victoria's impact at ELPC exemplifies the significant advantages of strategic hiring practices, showcasing that it is possible to obtain quality talent and expertise while achieving cost-efficiency.

The Benefits of Hiring with Vintti

Discover how Mason Brady hires top-tier accounting and finance talent from South America through Vintti, saving on recruitment costs.

  • Top Benefit

    Cost Efficiency

    Outsourcing can significantly reduce your overhead costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff.

  • Access to Expertise

    Outsourcing gives you access to professional accountants with a high level of expertise and experience.

  • Flexibility

    Outsourcing allows you to easily scale up or down your accounting needs based on business demand.

  • Cultural Alignment

    Our South American talent is not just familiar with the US business culture, they're a part of it. This makes working with clients or partners in the region smoother and more effective.
  • Top Benefit

    Convenient Time Zone

    They're just a timezone away. We understand the challenge that time differences can pose. That's why we've made it a point to select talent from regions that align with US time zones.

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