Transform your Firm: AI & Automation May 17th - 1:00 PM EST

The Future of Accounting is Bright

Webinar Agenda:

  •  Introduction to AI and Automation in Accounting 
  • Benefits of AI and Automation for Workflow Management
  • AI and Automation Tools for Bookkeeping, Auditing and Tax Preparation 
  • Implementing AI and Automation in Your Firm

Join our panel of industry experts as they share practical strategies and tools for streamlining your workflow using AI and automation. Learn how to save time, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy in your accounting practices.

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Webinar Agenda: Discover What's in Store

  • 1

    Understanding AI and automation in accounting

    Learn how AI and automation can improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making in accounting firms, and get an overview of the different technologies available.

  • 2

    AI and automation for bookkeeping

    Discover how AI and automation can streamline bookkeeping processes, including data entry, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting.

  • 3

    AI and automation for auditing

    Explore the ways AI and automation can enhance auditing practices, from fraud detection to risk assessment and compliance monitoring.

  • 4

    AI and automation for tax preparation

    Learn how AI and automation can simplify tax preparation, including data collection, classification, and analysis, and improve accuracy and compliance.

  • 5

    Implementing AI and automation in your accounting firm

    Get practical tips and best practices for integrating AI and automation into your accounting practices, including choosing the right technology and training your staff.

  • 6

    Future of AI and automation in accounting

    Explore the latest trends and developments in AI and automation for accounting, and discover how they will shape the future of the industry.

  • 7

    Q&A session

    Ask our experts any questions you may have about AI and automation in accounting, and get personalized answers and advice tailored to your firm's needs.