Santiago Poli

Driven entrepreneur and Industrial Engineer, serving as the Head of Operations at Vintti. He harbors a passion for startups and believes in the entrepreneurial potential of Latin America.

Santiago poli
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Santiago has always harbored a desire to be an entrepreneur. His future goal is to create a startup studio, bringing together founders from all over Latin America.
  • Football Coach

    Santiago served as a football coach for four years in a local league club, demonstrating his leadership skills and commitment to team development.
  • Dream of a Non-Profit Organization

    Santiago's ultimate dream is to establish a 'super school', a non-profit organization that breaks away from traditional education systems to foster creativity and innovation.

Meet Draco

Draco, an adopted and rescued street dog, found his way into Santiago's home as a 40-day-old puppy. Despite being abandoned and injured, he never left after that day. In a way, he chose us as his family.
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India, Our Jack Russell

Meet India, Santiago's 10-year-old Jack Russell. A bit gruff and grumpy, but a cherished part of our team.


Something to do before dying

One of Santiago's dreams is to travel in a motorhome, exploring the beauty and diversity of the world at his own pace.

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Lesson Bud

Lesson Bud

An AI-powered platform enhancing educators' efficiency by automating tasks, offering tools for lesson planning, personalized assignments, and parent-teacher communication.

Legal Buddies

Legal Buddies

Connects U.S. law firms with skilled South American Legal Assistants, offering cost-effective, reliable, and efficient solutions for legal support tasks and streamlining legal operations.

Data Headhunters

Data Headhunters

A remote staffing agency specializing in recruiting top-tier data professionals. Catering primarily to businesses in the United States, Canada, and leading European countries.

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Uncover top-tier accounting and finance talent from South America for your business.

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