10 Questions to Ask Your Accounting Candidates in 2023

updated on 03 April 2024

While the demand for finance talent will remain high during 2023, automation and outsourcing of certain activities may lead to a preference for candidates with experience in strategic thinking and finance advice.

In today’s market, finding the ideal candidate goes beyond accounting skills and requires adaptability, a willingness to learn new technologies, and stay up-to-date with new trends. Asking the right questions not only helps your accounting firm determine if a job prospect is a good fit for the job description but also provides insight into their potential for the future.

In this blog, we’ll go through 10 essential questions to ask your accounting candidate to ensure they’ll be ready for the years to come.

10 Questions to Ask Your Accounting Candidates

#1 What accounting software are you familiar with?

Using based-cloud accounting software is unquestionable for a modern accounting firm. Even if you are hiring non-experienced fresh graduates, they need to be familiar with the most common accounting tools available in the market as it should be part of their basic training.

#2 Which accounting software are you learning right now?

This question will give you an idea of their willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and potential for growth and development within your firm. It will also help you identify candidates who have a genuine interest in accounting and are committed to staying current with the latest industry trends.


#3 How is automation affecting accounting?

Automation has revolutionized the accounting industry, no question. But professionals may feel either empowered by it or threatened and freeze. You really want a candidate that fits in the first description and can get the most out of automation in order to enhance their day-to-day work and reduce human error.

#4 Are you familiar with AI? How would you use it for accounting?

More probably your candidate might not have a full-form experience with AI applied to accounting, but should have definitely at least played with some AI tools online. Asking about it will help you identify candidates who are innovative, forward-thinking, and willing to explore new ways of doing things.

#5 What are the most common ways of cyber fraud in today's accounting?

This question will help you separate experience candidates from new graduates as cybersecurity regulations are constantly changing. If you are aiming for an experience position you need to evaluate their ability to identify and prevent fraud.

#6 What do you most enjoy (and hate) about working from home?

Most modern accounting firms are going remote or implementing hybrid work schedules. This implies a flexible team that can adapt to both working in an office and from home without challenging productivity and collaboration.

Asking for their point of view on the best and worst parts of home offices will help you learn more about their work-life balance needs and opportunities to enhance your office’s remote experience.

#7 Where do you see the accounting industry in 10 years?

The accounting industry is constantly evolving, and it is essential to hire candidates who are forward-thinking and have a vision for the future. Assessing their knowledge of the latest trends and developments gives you insight into their ability to think critically and strategize for the long term. This will help you identify candidates who have a passion for accounting and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

#8 How do you keep up with changing regulations and compliance?

Staying up-to-date with changing regulations and compliance is critical to maintaining accuracy and avoiding penalties. Good accounting professionals are constantly reviewing reliable sources of information, reading the news, searching for trends, and taking on courses. This question will help you identify candidates who take a proactive approach to learning and staying current in the field.

#9 What makes an accounting professional stand out in 2023?

The accounting industry is highly competitive, and it's essential to hire candidates who stand out from the crowd. You might have a clear idea of what you are looking for, but it’s interesting to see what their approach to the future of the profession is. Looking for soft skills such as communication, strategic thinking, and team collaboration is always a plus.

#10 Why should I hire you?

This classic interview question is still relevant for accounting candidates today. You can evaluate their confidence, communication skills, and their ability to articulate their strengths and qualifications. This question will help you identify candidates who are passionate about their work, committed to their profession, and excited about the opportunity to work with your team.

Why These Questions?

Over the past few years, various industries, including accounting, have faced employment challenges such as accountants shortage, talent retention, and technology revolution. With uncertainty still looming, businesses are grappling with questions such as whether to have an office or instead hire remotely; how to keep up with changing technology, or how to stay digitally secure.

That’s why it’s important to thoughtfully prepare your questions before conducting an accounting interview. Not every question is the same and finding the right accountants for your team can mean the difference between falling behind or putting you closer to the modern accounting firm you have imagined.

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