Agustín Morrone

Agustín Morrone, a seasoned professional with a degree in Business and Systems and an MBA to his credit, leads our sales team as Head of Growth. As a father, a passionate trail runner, and former fireman he brings a unique blend of determination and empathy to his role. 

  • Trail Runner

    Agustín is a passionate trail runner, demonstrating his determination and discipline. This hobby reflects his drive and perseverance in his professional life.
  • Fatherhood

    As a father, Agustín brings a unique blend of empathy and responsibility to his role. His parenting experience has enriched his leadership skills and understanding of team dynamics.
  • Educational Background

    Agustín holds a degree in Business and Systems and an MBA, equipping him with a solid foundation in business strategy and systems thinking. His education has been instrumental in his success as a leader.

The Voluntary Fireman

Agustín also served as a voluntary fireman for several years. His passion for helping others has extended to his current role, where he assists individuals in South America to secure better remote jobs in the United States and Canada.

The Trail Runner

Agustín, a passionate trail runner, has tackled mountain races up to 70 km. His determination and endurance on the trails are truly inspiring.


His Favorite Phrase

"Perfect things are enemy of good things."

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